Friday, May 9, 2008

Santa, Can I have a Dog?

So I've got an hour to kill before the Jazz/Lakers game three. Yes, this is a must win for the Jazz, yes I'm getting the pregame butterflies, and yes I've got my AK47 jersey on, even though DWill is my favorite. I was mentioning to Sam, that she needed to post our pictures from our vacation. Not to be one who is told what to do, she reminded me that I hadn't made a post in a while too. Marriage, you gotta love it!

Sam's post about our animals and their changes took me back to my childhood. I had to reflect on my many Christmas's lists that went like this.

Santa this is my wish list.

1. Dog

2. Wrestling Figures

3. Sega Genesis games

4. Utah Jazz jacket

5. Shares in Google

Ok besides the last one, which would've been awesome if true, those were pretty much samples of my lists from previous years. (Sam better not tell that the wrestling figures was from last year) Pretty much every year I asked for a dog. I wanted a dog so bad growing up. I've always loved animals. Of course, my parents would tease me by getting me dog puzzles or dog stuffed animals or even dog poop! I just always hoped that I would pick up a box and I would hear a little yelp or bark. Sadly, it never came true. Their reasoning was that it would be to big of a responsibility or that they would have to be the ones who took care of it. When pressed further they would throw out things like, "What part of NO don't you understand?" or my favorite, "Because I'm the Mom THAT'S WHY!!!" Seriously, when we become parents will we get a parental cliche book? I hope so. Shoot, I should just make up my own. I put the D in Dad, or No is in your name son! Life is short....and so are you! Exactly, they don't make sense.

I loved how having a dog was a huge responsibility, but yet I never had the chance to prove that I could handle it. I guess it was a good thing. I had some goldfish, and their fishbowl looked like the second home of the swamp thing. Which reminds me, we went to Lake Powell one summer for a week, and I had left behind my two goldfish. Well when I came home, there was only one! Seriously, to this day that stumps me. I searched for bones all around my room thinking that my fish had probably jumped into the blue carpet thinking it was the ocean. I was to naive to think that maybe the surviving fish actually ate the other one. It still seems impossible to me. Did I actually own a pirahna? When we can see a video of our lives that is one I'm def going to replay. Actually why would it be a video? I couldn't imagine viewing my life on a video, that would drive me crazy. I even banned Sam's videos when we got married. Yep, they are in a box!

Anyways fast forward a few years, and I'm married. I promised Sam, that if we lived in Utah we would get a puppy. I also promised a hot tub.....errr...... Anyways we had just moved into our new house, and she sent me this picture of a puppy in an email. She wanted to go and "check it out." Of course, by now I had realized that when Sam wants to go and check something out, she has $$ in her eyes and she wants to buy it! When we met Macie she was so tiny!! She walked over to me and rolled on her back, wanting a belly rub. My heart melted and I was hooked. Needless to say that was the first of a million belly rubs.

Now this blog isn't going to be about our pets, but I have loved having Macie. It's been hard work, but I think it will help us be great parents. She makes you feel so loved. There is nothing like having Macie waiting for me when I get home....well except my wife! I've enjoyed the puppy classes, playing in the backyard, the first time she jumped on the couch, even the memories of potty training in the snow, and even the dreaded night after she lost her lady parts. Some might think she is spoiled or even sometimes demanding, but we just think she is loved a ton. She is playing well with other dogs now, in fact we are dog sitting Duchess, our neighbor's dog right now. She is even doing well with kids which is nice.

So there you have it, I finally got my puppy. Now, I'm going to have to wait and see what my kids have on their Christmas lists.