Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If you got it, you got it!

When I pulled out my chicken sandwich from Burger King today, I also found this: It made me laugh.

(and yes I scribbled out a couple of the numbers to protect the creeper that did it :) )

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What the Forks?

Since we've lived in Seattle I have wanted to take Brent to the Olympic Peninsula. It's one of the most gorgeous places I've ever seen and where else can you go from the mountains to the beach to a real rainforest in just an hour?? So we decided we were going over Labor Day weekend.

We drove over on Sunday and were planning coming home Monday night. Pets are allowed at the Forks Motel, so the puppies came with us. Our first stop after we got off the ferry was Hurricane Ridge. This is what you're supposed to see when you are there. And this is what we saw.
Next we drove around Lake Crescent which my family calls "Puke Lake" because of how sick you feel after you drive around it from all the twists and turns.Brent got tired of driving and I didn't want to, so we decided now was a good time for Chip to learn.
Next we went to the Hoh Rainforest. I know that it's called a RAINFOREST but it rained like I haven't seen it rain forever. This was the view from our sunroof.
We got out for 5 seconds because of the downpour, but then saw a sign that pets aren't allowed on the trail so we got back in the dry car.
By this point I was pretty frustrated. I wanted the weekend to be perfect and it only had clouds and rain. But Brent thought it was funny and said we could go back some other time so that made me feel better.
After the rainforest we checked into our hotel. Macie refused to eat her food so she made herself sick from not eating. Then Chip decided he forgot he was potty trained and pooped on the floor of the hotel (and this is why you ALWAYS wear something on your feet in hotel rooms!!!).
Around 8:00pm Brent said he wasn't feeling too well. He ran to the bathroom and started projectile vomiting across the room. After he was done I ran in and started throwing up, too. Lucky for me once I threw up I felt better. Brent, on the other hand, did not. He was up the entire night throwing up. Around midnight (after we still hadn't slept) we decided to leave at 2:30am and just take the ferry back early so we didn't hit Labor Day traffic.
The rest of the night for me was spent puppysitting while poor Brent was sick. Chip was so curious about everything and even hopped into the tub at one point. We got a quick picture at about 3:00am as we were headed home.
Needless to say our Labor Day was super lame. I was so upset that we went all that way and didn't even get to see the ocean! I was pouting for a few hours, but now we can laugh about it :) The highlight of the drive home was that Brent threw up as we were driving around Lake Crescent so now it really is Puke Lake!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm never going to be like my mom...

Oh yes I am! I always said this growing up, but as I get older I am more like her every single day (and I do NOT think this is a bad thing!!).

There were many things that my mom did and said to me when I was little that I vowed I would NEVER do to my kids. Like grounding. There was nothing I hated more than being grounded. And it really seemed like I was grounded all the time (I wasn't a bad kid. But I did do stupid stuff sometimes. Like getting two tickets in 5 months. And hiding my 7th grade report card because I got a C). But now as I'm older I will TOTALLY ground my kids when they deserve it. So there you go mom, 1 point you.

Another thing she used to tell me had to do with Santa. And I will do this to my kids (to an extent). The night before Christmas or Easter she would tell me if I didn't do my chores SUPER well, Santa or the Easter Bunny would not come. Cruel, maybe. But it WORKED. The stairs in our house were never vacuumed better than the night before a holiday. She also used to tell me that if I got out of bed at night to go to the bathroom and Santa was there, he would leave. I'm sure this was just because she knew I wouldn't get out of bed if I thought this. Well I vividly remember cracking my door open and yelling down into the living room, "SANTA. I AM NOT PEEKING. I JUST HAVE TO PEE REALLY REALLY BAD!". And then squeezing my eyes as tight as I could and crashing my way down the hallway until I got to the bathroom. I'll probably use the chore one, but I might modify the bathroom one so my kids don't show up on Christmas morning with a black eye from crashing into something they didn't see because their eyes were shut out of sheer terror of Santa leaving.

My mom also taught me never to drink and drive. 1 point mom. But minus one point mom because she didn't tell me she meant ALCOHOL. Driving to the grocery store was one of the most stressful times for me when I was little because I was so scared my mom was going to get pulled over for drinking in the car. When I teach my kids this, I will make sure to tell them that Diet Coke is an OK thing to drink while you are driving.

The last thing I remember my mom telling me is something I will definitely NOT do with my kids. She told me that every time I told a lie, I got a black dot on my spirit. This scared me soooo much. When I would lie she would look at me and tell say, "You just got a black dot on your spirit." And I remember crying because I was so scared I had more black than white on my spirit and I was going to hell. And then when I got a little older I figured that I was a lost cause and already had more black dots than white so I should just go ahead and lie.

So yeah. I vowed to never be like my mom. But the older I get I realize that I am already so much like her (and I don't even have kids yet). So I'm not going to lie, I know I'm a mini version of my mom and that my kids will probably say the same thing about not wanting to be like me when they are young (plus I don't want to lie anyway. I don't need another black dot).