Monday, June 29, 2009

Not MY little puppy!

We have been so lucky that our pets are good girls. They are not chewers, biters, don't eat things they are supposed to, and the kitties only scratch their post and the banana chair (what they are allowed to). And I totally brag about it. Who wouldn't?? We are 3 for 3 with good girls!! Macie's been so good that we've been letting her out of her cage during the day if we're gone. While Karin and Jordan were here we let her out one day for 8 hours. No accidents or messes! Just a good girl!

Well one day we came home and there were little holes poked in our sliding glass door blinds (someone didn't open them all the way so when she freaked out at whatever was outside she got the blinds with her nails).

Well our neighbors dog has been wandering in our yard and pooping lately (gross, especially since the dogs pile is about the size of my entire dog. But I can't complain that much because Brent is the one that has to clean it up :)) and Macie feels like she needs to defend her territory. She FLIPS and turns into the Tasmanian Devil all over the windows. It's fine because the blinds are open and so she gets the glass and can't do much except probably look like a spaz to our neighbors dog.

Well on Saturday when we got home from running errands and seeing "Up" THIS is what we came home to!

Our 'sweet' little puppy absolutely DESTROYED our blinds!
This is the view of them when they are open all the way.
Who would've guessed!?!? Needless to say we're going to get new blinds after we build the last part of our fence and our neighbors dog stops wandering into our yard.
And yes, Macie is now also known as Taz.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy birthday Kitties!!

I have a lot to blog about, but I'm going to start with the kitties birthday because it will be a quicker one :)

On June 14th Maggie and Emma turned 3!! I can't believe they are 3 already. Brent's sister Karin and her husband Jordan and their kids Matthew and Isabelle came into town the night before and on Sunday we had a party for Jordan, Matthew, Maggie and Emma (all June birthdays). Here are the kitties "enjoying" their birthday celebration

People do this for their kids all the time and since we don't have any human kids, and consider Moo and Emma our kids I am going to do it!

  • Maggie Likes-
  • Eating
  • Her best friend and sister Emma

  • Snuggling with her mom

  • Playing with her mice

  • Sleeping (especially on the fluffy blanket on the bed)

  • Eating

  • Sitting on the window sills at our new house because they're wider and she can actually fit
  • Being brushed

  • Catching bugs

  • Garbanzo beans

  • Going behind the TV

Maggie Dislikes-

  • Being hungry

  • Being picked up

  • When Macie tries to herd her

  • Being forced to snuggle

  • Getting squirted by the squirt bottle when she goes behind the TV

Emma Likes-

  • Sitting between the shower liner and the curtain trying to lick the water during a shower

  • Her best friend and sister Maggie

  • Jumping

  • Purring

  • Being petted on her head

  • Being chased by Macie

  • Sleeping next to Moo

  • Running around our house

  • Wrestling with Moo

Emma Dislikes-

  • Any food or treats except for her cat food

  • Getting squirted by the squirt bottle

  • Chris Brown

Happy birthday kitties! We love you!!