Friday, April 18, 2008

New glasses and those kids of ours!

So Brent and I decided to take advantage of our insurance and get our yearly free eye exams! We both got new glasses and I got contacts. Here are a few pictures of us with our new glasses:

When we were at our exam they numbed our eyes instead of using the air puff thing that makes everyone jump. The only negative to this was that it made our eyes feel VERY sleepy for a couple hours. After they numbed us up they dilated our pupils. This would have been fine if they had done it to me OR Brent, but they did it to BOTH of us and then sent us on our merry way. Needless to say, when we got out into the sun we were wandering around like two old fogies not being able to see where our car was or being able to open our eyes. Then we went to IHop. Between our pupils being the size of dimes and our eyes being heavy from the numbing stuff so we couldn't open them very wide, I swear the waitress thought we smoked a ton of pot and then the munchies hit us so we came to eat a bunch of pancakes.
And since there is no Baby Anderson our pets are our babies so I thought I would post a few current pictures of them.

Speaking of looking high...

Sleepy kitties

Monday, April 7, 2008

How fast they grow up...

I was looking through pictures the other day and I found some from when the pets were little. It's crazy how much they have changed! I especially love how they have developed little personalities of their own!

This is baby Emma. You can't tell TOO well in this picture, but man, did she have a funky shaped head.

Emma is our little sweetheart now. She's the smallest at 7 lbs. so she can fit into places the others can't (like our cooler). She also LOVES watching the Jazz. She will sit there for thirty minutes sometimes watching the game.

This is baby Maggie. This is probably the only time in her life she was called a baby.

Because she turned into THIS!! Now she's 13.5 lbs. and is also known as "Moo". You can't really tell how large she is in these pictures, but let me tell you, she's a whole lotta cat. She also has a pretty big attitude.

Last is baby Macie. She was 2 lbs. when we got her and VERY spoiled. Mostly by Brent.

Now that she's a 'big girl' (at 7.5 lbs) her eyebrows have turned brown and she thinks she is a model. She also smiles when she gets really happy. I know it looks like she's going to bite me, but that is really a smile. Oh, and she is still extremely spoiled. Again, mostly by Brent.

I love our little family!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Can I Do This Again?

When Sam told me that she had created a blog for our family, I felt like I was on the hit game show, "A Moment of Truth."

Question: "Are you excited about returning to the blogging world?"

Answer: "Yes"

(Crazy, intense "Moment of Truth" music)


I know blogging is the next big thing. Everyone is doing it. So yes, we will be like sheep and follow along. I agree it is a good thing. Our friends and family can be able to see more of us. It allows us to finally follow the instructions of writing in a journal, and I know Sam has a lot of cute ideas as well.

The hard thing for me is that I burned myself out a few years ago with my blog, Don't get me wrong, I loved it. I had invented this blog, where I developed this character based on Bill Simmon's Sports guy. I blogged about our work softball season, but mainly American Idol. I spent an insane amount of work time doing it. A lot of it was stretched out truth. It reminded me of my high school newspaper. Somehow I was on the staff, and all of my stories were completely fabricated. I would write articles about my friends and just make up facts about them. Surprisingly, I still haven't been served with any libel papers. I even came up with the Batchelor of the Year story, where supposedly there were boxes around the school where people could vote. Then I preceded to just put pictures of my friends in. I would say the blog was a success. My co-workers loved to read it, and some of the family. My goal was to make people laugh.

Now I have more of a real job, so my time at work is spent working. Imagine that! I will be involved with the blog, and maybe the tigrenation will come back into some of my postings. Sam will be keeping everyone updated with pictures of our lives and adventures, and I will be doing my own commentaries on life. I do love that people can post comments now. Before I made up this email address so people could write to the nation. The only person who really did was my sister Karin. So if you go back and read on that blog and it does mention an email from a fan, that fan was me!