Monday, August 16, 2010

Buddies and a Birthday!

Some of our favorite people came to visit us a couple weeks ago!  Our friends, Korry and Taffee, live in Utah and we don't get to see them too often.  But luckily for us they had a wedding to go to up here so we got to spend a couple days with them!  We made sure we showed them some of our favorite things in Seattle.

Brent picked them up from the airport and took them to Trophy Cupcakes.  Then we all went to Brown Bag for breakfast.  We stopped at home to pick up the furries and headed off to Deception Pass and Fort Casey.

Chip was excited to be there
 Korry, Taffee, and Jaci
Their daughter Jaci is ADORABLE.  And soo good!  It was her first time at the ocean
Macie was in heaven all day long. She loves being outside and was such a happy girl
We renamed the fort Fort Chip because he decided to mark it as his own... no respect for historical forts...
I actually made it to the top of the lighthouse this time!  There's a ladder you have to climb at the top and I chickened out last time.  Taffee came up with me
They spent the night so we had even more time to have fun!  The next morning we hung out and then took them to downtown Seattle to meet up with Korry's sister.  This day also happened to be Brent's 30th birthday!!!!!!!!!  

This was a big birthday for him so I wanted to get him something special.  So 3 weeks before his birthday I ordered him an iPad online (they were all out at the stores around here).  Of course the stupid thing didn't show up until the day after his birthday.  So for his birthday he got to open the case for the iPad minus the actual iPad.  Oh well, it worked out.  And it has brought us closer together :) Brent comes to bed earlier and instead of reading I watch stuff on the iPad with him.  Thanks Apple for helping make our marriage stronger!

A Trophy Cupcake.  My favorite part of the picture is Chip lurking in the background