Thursday, September 8, 2011

Here's Your Sign

When you go out in public with twins, you get a LOT of attention.  And I constantly get asked the same questions.  Here are a list of the questions/comments that I hear the most that drive me up the friggin' wall. 

1.  Are they twins?   ...  One lady actually said, "Why am I asking that?  Of course they are!" so I let her slide.  But I want to come up with a comment to answer people back when they ask that.  So far I can only think of, "Yep.".  But come on.  They're pretty much the same size.  Their car seats are identical.  They don't dress the same, but they dress similarly on most days. 

2.  How can you tell them apart??? 
This is Riley.
This is Noah.
Maybe they look KIND of the same in some pictures, but in real life they look completely different.  Needless to say it's mostly men that ask me this question.

3.  I wanted twins until I had one kid and realized how much work it is!/I can't imagine more than one at a time!  Mine are spaced out and it was crazy.      I never know how to respond to this.  I have never had one kid so I don't know what it's like.  Plus we are lucky that we got some pretty awesome kids, so two isn't as big of a deal as some people might think.  That or people are wusses.  

4.  Do you get ANY sleep?      Yes, actually.  But when I tell people I do they look at me suspiciously like I must give my kids Benadryl every night.

One week at church Brent and I walked out in the hall to feed the boys.  There was another couple with two kids (the same size and dressed similarly).  The first thing out of Brent's mouth was, "Are they twins??".......  I looked at him and before I could say anything he said, "I KNOW!  I knew as soon as the words were coming out of my mouth!!". 

5 months

Here is their 5 month picture!  Note: 5 month old babies are WAY harder to get a cooperative picture out of than 4 month babies.  Apparently by 5 months they've developed opinions.  And Noah was trying to play steam roller over Riley the whole time.  But in the end it worked out.  And they've almost grown so much they're off the blanket!

And Noah wanted to show how awesome he's getting at holding himself up.  He was rolling across the room today.  So crazy to watch!  Riley also rolled from his back to his tummy for the first time today.  Pretty soon they'll have barrel roll contests across the living room. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life: Updated

Confession:  I suck at blogging.  But I have two very good reasons for that.  When I look back to what my life was like before the babies I should have been a super blogger, writing something every day.  I should have also been in the most amazing shape ever.  I had the time.  But NOOOO.  My time was spent cleaning, working out (a little) and watching Keeping up with the Kardashians.  It's amazing how crazy life can change in a year.  Riley and Noah are 5 months tomorrow.  I can't believe how big they are getting and how wonderful their little personalities are.  They are SO different, but they are each so amazing. 

Riley went from being the handful to being the most chill baby.  He just likes to look around, eat his hand, and talk (he talks CONSTANTLY.  I wonder what our house is going to sound like when he says actual words).  He's learned that if he talks when he's falling asleep, it will keep him up longer.  What a little punk.  He can roll from his front to his back over both shoulders.  The first time he did it my mom, Grammi, and I cheered so much we scared him and he cried.  Whoops.  We were a little more quiet the next time.

Noah was the most relaxed kid at birth.  And for the first couple months.  Then something happened.  Man was he fussy.  But we've tweaked their schedule a little and he has been soooo much happier again for the last few weeks.  Noah rolled over for the first time at 3 1/2 months.  And it was from his back to his front.  Our pediatrician was impressed with that.  But now he rolls all 4 ways (front to back and back to front over both arms).  He's starting to roll more times in a row so he'll roll away from me and Riley and I'll have to go get him and bring him back to us.  He's also becoming a serious mama's boy, which I LOVE :)

At 4 months I was brave enough to take them to the store for the first time by myself.  After I did it once, it gave me serious confidence and now we go somewhere every day.  Mostly Safeway and Target, but sometimes we REALLY go big and go to Costco.  I figure they'll like that place even more when they're older and can eat the samples.  They also went on their first roadtrip this past weekend to Portland to visit Brent's sister and her family.  They did AWESOME.  They were so good in the car and were great sleepers while we were there (I was so worried they would stop sleeping through the night since they were in a strange room, but they made me proud).  It was so fun and relaxing to get away and just relax.  Brent's sister's kids were so cute with the boys.  Their oldest got Riley to laugh and it was the sweetest thing. 

I feel like their are 3,293 other things I need to blog about, but nap time is almost over.  So here are a few recent(ish) pictures.