Friday, December 16, 2011


The boys are teething right now so it's been a rough little while at our house.  Pretty much anything gets on my nerves right now and instead of yelling at Chip for being Chip, I figure it's more therapeutic to vent about it on the blog.  So these are some of the current things that are driving me nuts.

-Teething.  It feels like it's an eternal process that tortures everyone in our house on a daily basis.  Riley has 3 teeth, Noah has 2 and is working on the third.  I feel so bad for them and wish there was something more I could do.  I got my 12 year old molars when I was 19 (in some ways I was a late bloomer.  Others, not so much) so I can remember how much it sucks.  I couldn't imagine getting a bunch all at once and not being able to express with words how you feel.  But it's still rough for all of us.

-Noah has some issues.  He won't sit up.  Zero desire.  I try every single day to prop him up between my legs, put toys in front of him, hold him there.  But he arches his back and makes his legs go straight so he just ends up laying down.  I know he's not developmentally slow.  He can crawl super fast, is starting to climb and is a little too smart for my own good.  But the kid won't sit.  I feel like it's getting to the point where he's going to be walking to his classes at BYU (yes, I want my kids to go to our alma mater) and then when he gets there, he'll lay down on the ground for the lecture.

-Just saying'.  Can there really be a more rude thing to say?  People think they can say something SO rude, but then if they add "Just sayin'" to the end, it justifies their rudeness.  "Maybe if you spent time cleaning while the boys were sleeping, you wouldn't feel like your house was a disaster.  Just sayin'".  No, if I spent time cleaning while the boys were sleeping I would go insane because I had no down time while they napped.  And then when you were insensitive and said something stupid to me I would want to key your car next time I saw it parked somewhere.  Just sayin'.

-Noah and his food processor issues.  My boys are TOUGH.  They aren't scared of anything.  They crawl after me when I vacuum to try to help.  They love dogs of all sizes.  My moms dog is 75 pounds and instead of looking at her in fear, Riley and Noah look at her like she's going to be a fun thing to ride around the house someday.  So when I busted out the food processor to chop up Oreos for our Christmas treats, it shocked me that Noah got this look of sheer terror on his face and started screaming.  So like any psychology major would do, I figured exposure therapy would help him get over his little quirk.  No such luck.  By the time I was done using it the poor kid was planking on our living room floor and his face was a snotty mess.  I got him calmed down and started using our beaters.  No problem there.  He was fine and didn't bat an eye.  But then when I went to wash the food processor he started screaming again.  Needless to say, Brent will be taking him upstairs tomorrow when I have to use it again.

-Our neighbor and his Mustang.  Even though I don't think he's old enough, our neighbor is going through a midlife crisis.  One of the things he did to make himself feel more manly was he bought a Mustang.  And man does he drive it like he's compensating for something.  And I know this from how he drives through our NEIGHBORHOOD.  He starts the engine up, lets it sit there for a few minutes while he revs it.  Vroom vroom.  So fun when Riley's asleep in our room with it right outside.  Then he pulls out.  No joke, the other day when he drove away he PEELED OUT of the cul-de-sac.  Come on guy!  You go 30 feet before you have to turn left to go out of the neighborhood.  Was that really necessary?  Then he drives at top speed in front of our house to get to the main road.  Don't get me wrong, I tell Brent all the time that we bought an Audi, so we need to drive it like an Audi.  But on the FREEWAY.  Not through our neighborhood where my kids are going to someday be playing.  That's ridiculous.  Brent told me he saw him a while ago and he now carries a gun in the band of his jeans.  At least we know he's packing SOMETHING.  This is also the same guy that had to knock on our door because his remote control helicopter got stuck in our backyard and he needed us to get it.

Whew, I feel better.