Thursday, July 23, 2009

Unintroducing Chipotle!

Just kidding! But he has had a few close calls :) Brent has gotten a few phone calls from me ready to put our new little trouble maker up on Craistlist. I forgot how much work a puppy is! And he is sooo much more of a dog than Macie is (Macie is a princess, or at least she thinks so). He likes to chew, bark (we pretty much have broken him of this habit, except for when he's in his crate and we leave. Then he's freaking nuts), play with toys, eat bones. Basically all the things dogs like to do, he does. Macie has never really been into any of that so it's been fun to have a little guy that is. We've also gotten him around kids and other dogs really quickly so he likes to play with other dogs.
The biggest surprise is that Macie LOVES him! I've never seen her be really friendly with another dog. But she actually plays with him! It's basically her just knocking him down and dominating him the whole time, but it's adorable and hilarious to watch. It's seriously Wrestlemania in our house all the time now (it does end in tears sometimes, though. But surprisingly it's Macie making Chip cry).

He does so well at going potty outside. But he still doesn't understand that is where he NEEDS to go. If he has to pee and we're inside he'll just go. And when you yell at him he looks at you like you're nuts. Pretty much he has no conscience, which is the opposite of Macie. If you yell at her, she acts like her world is ending.
We went to the Bite of Seattle this past weekend and brought the dogs (he's still too young to go that long alone) and we seriously got stopped every ten feet with people wanting to pet him. Poor Macie didn't get as much attention, but I think she was fine with that.

The kitties are doing a tiny bit better. Moo will watch him but she still doesn't come out very much if he is roaming around. Emma has had a pretty hard time and we don't see her very much, but at least she is eating again (she went a while without eating. So did Moo but she has a years worth of fat storage on her so we weren't too worried about her). Hopefully they'll start to come around more soon.

At the Bite of Seattle. Yes, we were those people.

He was so pooped by the end that he fell asleep on the steps.

First playdate with Aunt Zoe. She didn't know what to think of him at first but by the end she was bringing him some of her toys to play with.

Green ring Aunt Zoe gave him


He's doing a somersault in this picture

Wrestling ended in tears after this picture was taken. You can see Miss Bully's teeth if you look close

Hard morning of playing

It's a rough life for a puppy!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I love free stuff!

So I was online today and saw this coupon for a free pastry at Starbucks on July 21. Here is the link So now whoever wants can print out a coupon and get a free pastry! Just don't go to the Lake Stevens Starbucks because I don't want them to run out of the good stuff :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Introducing Chipotle!

Brent and I have been considering getting a new puppy for a while now and when we went to Utah it just so happened that they had the exact kind we wanted! Since Macie is racist and only likes her breed we knew that we had to get another Mini Aussie and that we had to get a boy (Brent was ready for another guy in the house). Since Mace is a Tri (black, white, and copper) we wanted to get a Blue Merle so we could have both kinds.
We met him on the 4th of July and LOVED him. The only problem was that we were going to a ranch in Utah and they didn't allow pets. So the breeder offered to hold him for a week until we were driving back to Seattle.He was AMAZING in the car considering it was his first time and that it was a 13 hour drive! He went to the bathroom at rest stops and even went 8 hours without going (we didn't make him do that, he just wouldn't go). We picked up Macie at my Dad's house and they got to meet. It was ok until we got in the car and he started freaking out and barking at her. She looked at me with the saddest eyes like I had betrayed her and I started bawling. But after that fiasco we drove home and they were both really happy to be here. We haven't seen much of the kitties since they realized we brought home another puppy, but hopefully they will warm up to him soon. I miss my Mooey and Emma walking around!

His first night here I had to sleep on the floor with him next to his kennel so that was a little rough. But hopefully he will get used to it soon so we can both sleep on the bed again!

We're so excited to have him in our family and hope that he continues to be a fun addition!!