Monday, March 30, 2009

Macie Lou Who

We are lucky that Macie is fairly low maintainence when it comes to grooming. The only problem is that the fur on her paws and on her legs/butt/tail gets really long and I have to trim it. I guess I let it go too long because she started looking like a Who and we were calling her Macie Lou Who. Here are her before and after shots.

She HATES having her picture taken so in every picture that we get of her face, she looks like she is being tortured.
Who Paws!!
After shot of the pretty pup!
Nice and trimmed up feet, legs, butt and tail!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I got my haircut a couple months ago and my stylist said that she thought highlights would be cute. So when I went back this time to get a trim I also made an appointment to get some. The last time I had highlights was when I was 15/16 and anything from that time in my life makes me nervous to think about so I was a little apprehensive. But I really like how they turned out! Here are some pictures! From the top!
This is what it looks like in natural light, with a cameo from Macie's lower half.
Nothing too drastic, but it adds a little something to my hair. I think I was mostly afraid that having highlights would make me look like I should be living with Hef, but I'm glad to see it didn't!

Monday, March 16, 2009

How to kill some time

Last week in our Readers Digest I read an article about a website called I checked it out and it's AWESOME! It basically takes every urban legend I've ever heard and proves whether it actually happened or not. It's seriously a good way to kill some time and it makes me less paranoid about some of those weird email forwards I've gotten :)

Also, while I'm cleaning the house I think a lot. And sometimes I like to invent things. My newest thing I would like to create would be called "Foldeez" or "Foldz". Basically it's just a bag of folded over potato chips because those are the only ones I really like. I would totally add those to my food storage :)