Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh Canada!

A week before my birthday Brent surprised me and told me that we were going to Vancouver! We both bounced around the house for the next 7 days singing "Oh, Canada!" (really, just that part. That's all we both know.) and were SOOOOO excited to get away for a relaxing trip!

On our drive up someone that wasn't me got pulled over for going 74 in a 60. I started tearing up right away (I didn't want him to get a ticket on my birthday!) and the cop luckily gave us a warning. Brent said it was because I was crying. Either way I wanted to tell the cop that it was my birthday and he made my day (I resisted the urge).

We got to the border and waited our turn to cross. It was soooo much easier to get into Canada than it was to get back into the US!! Yay! We made it!
This made me laugh the whole time. Their speed limit is FAST up there!
Our hotel!
After we got there and got organized we walked down to the dock to take a boat over to the Granville Market. It was like the Pikes Place Market, but a LOT cleaner!

This was the little boat that took us across
Cute boy on the boat!
The weather was awesome while we were there and there were gorgeous views everywhere you looked!
The view when you get off the boat
Inside the market

Later that night we went out for my birthday dinner. I couldn't decide where I wanted to eat so finally I picked this place! I figure you can never go wrong with Red Robin!
Brent got me earrings to match the necklace I have on. I woke up in the morning to shut off my alarm and the box was sitting on it. It was so cute! Later that night he surprised me with a bracelet that matched the earrings and necklace!
On Saturday morning we woke up and went here. It was our favorite part of the trip!

The bridge is 450 feet across and 233 feet high. I walked across it like a pro! It was swaying and rocking the whole time, but we still made it across and back with no problem.
On the bridge!
Good view of the bridge from a trail. I can't believe I wasn't even scared! I can't even go up to the second rung on a ladder without tweaking!
After you got across the bridge you could do a Treetop Tour. We felt like Ewoks.
Brent marching across a bridge on the treetop tour. I ran across a couple bridges and we took pictures when we were across from each other.

View of the canyon
On my birthday we had the BEST cupcakes I have ever had in my life from this place I got a smores one. The next night we went back and got a 1/2 dozen. I got two more smores and a caramella. Brent got all different ones and loved them all. I had 4 cupcakes in 2 days! Mmmm!!

On Saturday night we walked around Robson street and window shopped. Brent got a crepe from a stand and we shared a gelato (that's the first time I've ever had it and Brent always talks about how amazing it is. I thought it was pretty good!).

We drove back Sunday morning and the thing that took us the longest was crossing the border back into the US. Oh, and it also took us a little longer because of the fact that we had to drive the speed limit the whole way :)

I had such a fun birthday this year! Thanks so much baby for the amazing trip!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mommy for a Day

Our good friends Dan and Brianne asked us if we could watch their adorable baby Lana for a night and of course I said YES!! I was so excited to have her come up to our house and to take care of a baby. The best part was that Lana is pretty much the best little girl ever and she is super easy to take care of so I had a great time with her at our house!
Lana wanted to be Macie's best friend, but Macie wanted Lana to go home.
So this is how Mace spent a good chunk of the afternoon. Lana wanted her to come in and play so bad!After Macie ignored her for a little while she moved on to checking out other things. These next few pictures are my favorite that I got while she was here.
"What is this thing? It looks fun!"...About a minute later..."Who is using my summoning stick?"Lana: A new friend!
Maggie: OH HECK NO!"I'm outta here!"That night after Brent got home we went for a walk to the park by our house.
Macie was loving life now!
This is my absolute favorite picture. They are so cute!!
We kind of struggled with the baby sweet potatoes.
By the time bedtime rolled around Lana was so sleepy from our big adventures that she was giddy/exhausted. She kept laughing and clapping and burying her head into one of our pillows and giggling. It was hilarious!
I took this picture the next morning to prove that I can dress a baby. It was a lot more challenging, especially since the only other things I've ever dressed were my Cabbage Patch dolls when I was younger. And Lana liked to kick her feet while I tried to get her pants on.

I had such a fun time with her. We went on a few errands and she was so good! She did a good job when I put her down for bed/naps and did a great job eating her food. I changed my first diaper in over 10 years (and then about 10 more). The worst thing happened when it was more than pee. Oh man! I was trying to change her diaper and not breathe at the same time while she kicked her feet and smiled. I was dry heaving and that was pretty much the only time Macie wanted anything to do with her so Mace got in trouble for that. The only thing I didn't really expect when everything was said and done was that I was EXHAUSTED. And Lana is even a great baby! I seriously needed a couple days to recuperate after she left. I guess I just didn't know what to expect and didn't realize how much work babies are. I told Brent to enjoy how clean our house is now because once I have a baby it's going to be messy and I probably won't have my hair/makeup done when he gets home at night :)

Anyway I am so glad that we got the chance to watch Lana and that I feel like I did a good job. Thanks Dan and Brianne for trusting us with your sweet little girl! And Lana, you are welcome back anytime!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tulip Festival 2009

On Monday Holly, Alycia, Sarah, Preston, baby Eli, Macie and I piled in Holly's car and went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. It was so much fun! There are fields and fields of gorgeous colorful tulips and it was a beautiful clear day so Mt. Baker was peaking out in the background. Here are a couple pictures Holly took of the group and me and Mace (my camera was dying so I didn't get many).
The Group
I LOVE Macie's face in this picture. She looks sooo happy!
My little baby!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My little racist

I know, how can something that is black, white, and brown be racist? But let me explain. My friend Kristen got a Mini Australian Shepherd on Valentines Day and she asked me if Macie and I wanted to do a puppy play date with them this past week. I was super excited to meet her puppy Ellie and to see Kristen, but I was nervous about Macie. She HATES other dogs. If we are driving past other dogs she growls. If we are at a pet store she growls at the other dogs. The only dogs she semi-tolerates are our friends full grown Australian Shepherds (and when I say tolerate I mean she lets them get within 5 feet without bearing her fangs like she's a wolf). So needless to say I was worried.

I kept telling Macie all week, "You're going to meet another mini this week! Her name is Ellie and you need to be nice." Well Thursday came and we went to Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland to have our play date. Before we went to the beach we stopped by my moms to say hi. Of course Macie growled at Zoe (my moms dog) while we were there, even though she sees Zoe all the time. Things weren't looking good.

When we got to the beach I was really nervous when I saw Kristen pull up. I got Mace out of the car and when Ellie got out and walked up to Macie, Macie sniffed her! Then she did that gross social butt sniff dogs like to do. Then she sniffed her face. !!!! No growling, no showing her vicious fangs, no barking. I was beyond shocked!

Anyway while we were there at least 4 other dogs of all shapes and sizes came up to say hello to Macie and Ellie. Every single dog that came up to Macie either got barked or growled at. But still, she was nice to Ellie! I just couldn't believe it. After thinking about it for a while I finally came to the conclusion that my dog is unfortunately a little racist. She won't put up with any other dogs unless they are Australian Shepherds and she won't actually interact and get along with any unless they are Mini Australian Shepherds. I think after I post a couple pictures of the play date I'm going to get Macie and read some of Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches. You need to start somewhere...
Hey! You look like me!

I think I might like you!
I'm having fun mom!

No growling here!

Ellie liked playing in the sand

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!!

We had an awesome Easter this year! I love that Brent gets Good Friday off and we have a 3 day weekend together every year. On Friday we went shopping at the outlets and I got an Easter dress!
That night we dyed eggs with Matt and HollyThe next day Dan, Brianne and Lana came up to hang out. This picture melts my heart. Seeing Brent like this makes me so excited to see him as a dad!Sunday before churchBrent thought that I wouldn't see it because it was up high. Just because I'm vertically challenged doesn't mean I'm visually challenged! I did need him to get it down for me, though.I love this picture of Brent and Emma! "Is is in there Dad?"Brent found his basket! Mmmm....Edward....Brent always says how we need more pictures up so I got him a picture for EasterLoot from Mom!Sam and the easter ham! I absolutely LOVE Macie's face in this picture. This poor puppy puts up with so much!