Thursday, July 17, 2008

The ants go marching 3,402 by 3,402....

When Brent got up at 5:30 to let Macie out he noticed the kitties in the front room crouched down staring at something. He figured they found a bug. Well, that is an understatement. Our front room had hundreds of ants WITH WINGS!! So after he bravely killed them with ant spray he looked outside and saw a sea of black. So then he went outside and sprayed all of those until his little can ran out of ant killer. After that we called my new best friend, TNT Exterminators, to come and get rid of the rest of the evil things.

When we swept up the pile in the front room it was seriously the size of a huuuuuge pancake. I wouldn't even look outside because I thought it would give me nightmares. So after the dead ones were swept up Macie and I ran upstairs and hid under the covers until after the exterminator came and left Brent with the task of vacuuming up the ones that were still alive and jumping around our front room.

After my new best friend sprayed our house we thought we were in the clear. I was in our basement in the bathroom when I looked down and saw about 30 more by my feet!!! I guess they figured since we closed off the vent to the upstairs they were going to go down.

Finally after 24 hours of killing ants and itching like CRAZY (I haven't been able to stop feeling itchy) we think (hope) they are gone. I guess they were everywhere in our neighborhood so it wasn't just our house, but man that is sooooooo disgusting. I'm so proud of the kitties for warning us and catching a bunch of them.
This is what I feel like our house looked like:
Our brave little kitties:
Hiding upstairs:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Proud wife moment!

I just want to take a minute and share how proud I am of Brent. Back in February he took the Series 7 exam for work and dominated! Well, ever since he passed we have been wondering what our next step was going to be. Finally we found out that after all his studying, hard work, rolling money, writing leads, and all that other financial stuff that I don't understand (or really care to :) ) that he landed himself a position in Seattle!!!! The manager called yesterday and let him know that he got the job and they want him to start ASAP. So in the next couple weeks Brent is going to be starting his new job with Fidelity!!!!!!
The next few weeks are going to be insane!! We put our house on the market last night and we're flying up to Seattle tomorrow to look at houses. I can't remember the last time I was so excited about something!! I've been running around the house like a crazy woman trying to get stuff done. Basically I do about 8 things at once half way and then remember that I have to finish the other half of what I started and then start that again and remember I still have OTHER stuff that is half done. Needless to say I made a list today of stuff that has to get done so I don't have a house that is VERY 1/2 clean.

Great job baby!! I'm so proud of you!