Monday, June 13, 2011

Babies Blessing

Riley and Noah got blessed at church on June 5th.  While it was one of the most chaotic before church Sunday's of my life, once we got to church it was one of the best ever.  Brent did such an amazing job and I am so proud of him.  Neither boy made a peep during the blessing (actually both did REALLY well the whole meeting.  I don't expect that every week) and I felt the Spirit so strongly. 

I've seen countless baby blessings since I joined the church.  But it is a whole new experience when you are the one that is having your child blessed.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a mother to these two amazing boys.  I was able to bear my testimony (something I don't do as often as I probably should), but I still couldn't say everything that was in my heart.  I don't have words to express what these little guys mean to me and how lucky I am that I got picked to be their mom.  I've said it before but I will never say I'm grateful for trials.  But I'm grateful for all that I've learned after the trial is over and how much I appreciate these boys.  They are the best little boys and I'm so glad I get to be a part of their lives and see the wonderful people they grow up to be.
Riley getting ready
 Noah getting ready
 Handsome Daddy and Riley
 Me and Noah Bear
 My favorite part: they all had matching ties :)

 My mom got her black eye white water rafting the day before.  She's hardcore like that
 Brent and his parents
 Brent's sister Karin and her hubby Jordan.  Riley and Noah with their cousins Matthew and Isabelle

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Korry.Taffee.Jaci.Milo said...

I LOVE the matching ties... so PERFECT! Love the FAMILY photo. So DARLING. You look really GOOD Sam {just thought I'd tell ya}! Love the happy grandparent photos too. Your Moms eye looks SO COOL. Lets chat more... I miss you.