Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our (not so) Angry Birds!

It was a big day at the Anderson house!  The boys and I went to visit Brent at work in Seattle.  They were so cute at the office and it was so fun to show off their costumes.  Then when we got home Noah celebrated Halloween in style by getting his first tooth! 

Riley also decided to celebrate Halloween by causing mischief.  While I was getting Noah down for their nap, he rolled over to the back door and grabbed a towel we had over there.  The towel we use to wipe off Macie and Chip's paws after they come in from outside.  He was sucking on it when I came downstairs and had mulch on his face and everything.  Gross.  I grabbed the towel (but not before I got a picture.  The damage was already done, right?).  Man they are starting to give me a run for my money...

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