Thursday, September 8, 2011

Here's Your Sign

When you go out in public with twins, you get a LOT of attention.  And I constantly get asked the same questions.  Here are a list of the questions/comments that I hear the most that drive me up the friggin' wall. 

1.  Are they twins?   ...  One lady actually said, "Why am I asking that?  Of course they are!" so I let her slide.  But I want to come up with a comment to answer people back when they ask that.  So far I can only think of, "Yep.".  But come on.  They're pretty much the same size.  Their car seats are identical.  They don't dress the same, but they dress similarly on most days. 

2.  How can you tell them apart??? 
This is Riley.
This is Noah.
Maybe they look KIND of the same in some pictures, but in real life they look completely different.  Needless to say it's mostly men that ask me this question.

3.  I wanted twins until I had one kid and realized how much work it is!/I can't imagine more than one at a time!  Mine are spaced out and it was crazy.      I never know how to respond to this.  I have never had one kid so I don't know what it's like.  Plus we are lucky that we got some pretty awesome kids, so two isn't as big of a deal as some people might think.  That or people are wusses.  

4.  Do you get ANY sleep?      Yes, actually.  But when I tell people I do they look at me suspiciously like I must give my kids Benadryl every night.

One week at church Brent and I walked out in the hall to feed the boys.  There was another couple with two kids (the same size and dressed similarly).  The first thing out of Brent's mouth was, "Are they twins??".......  I looked at him and before I could say anything he said, "I KNOW!  I knew as soon as the words were coming out of my mouth!!". 


kristen said...

I'll make it easy for you :)
1: I don't know, the doctor isnt' sure yet.
2: I look at them.
2a: I don't, I call their name and the corret one comes running.
3: First world problem.
4: Yes. They can change their diapers and feed themselves, they don't need me.

Anyway, it's better than people asking why you don't have kids yet :)

MBurt said...

I have suggestions too.
1) "Yes, and brothers too!"
2) "Their tattoos!" Oh yeah, and they aren't identical!
3) "Sounds like a personal problem!"
"You get what you pay for!"
4) "No, but the babies sleep through the night. I just stay up and knit (or any random activity that pops into your mind).

Let's face it, you are a anomaly and people love babies: period. Two babies are twice as much fun. Good job Sam!

The Hardy's said...

"Here's Your Sign", I love that. Our family was at the grocery store the other day and an employee (guy in our ward) asked me, "you guys out shopping?" hehehe. I responded, "Nope. We heard there was this new food museum and thought we'd check it out. We considered donating and walk away with some samples."

Another good question regarding people who were not sure of the sex of the baby, "Boy or girl?" My response, "I hope so."

Karin said...

I think most people ask if they are twins because they don't know how to start the conversation they want to have with you otherwise.

There are people who have kids 9-10months apart and depending on the kids could be about the same size.

Your kids can easily be told apart. If my 2 year old can tell then really anyone should be able to, but old men can't tell diddly squat. I was told cute boy about Isabelle who clearly had on a dress, was in pink, and had a bow on. Come on! I just said she is cute isn't she.